#04 April 2011

In focus – Intellectual Property

There is no doubt that discussion of intellectual property has gained new areas of application and an international dimension. At the present time non-material assets play one of the key roles in business transactions of various types

Expert Opinion

Assessing Damage Caused by Trademark Infringement: Law and Practice

Eduard L. Tregubov

The existence of effective and flawless intellectual property legislation is a prerequisite for making Ukraine attractive for investment and ensuring appropriate conditions for doing successful business in our country. It is the governments duty to ensure that a trademark owner can protect his rights and claim compensation for trademark infringement

In Re

IP Due Diligence: Specifics, Methodology, Procedure

Natalia M. Meshcheriakova, Mikola Y. Pototskyy

New social and economic conditions that formed during the crisis and post-crisis periods resulted in great demand from the business community for the set of tools to protect business activities. Based on this trend, top managers of leading companies are seeking new mechanisms allowing for a greater degree of predictability of the risks that may lie in wait for their businesses

Sustainable Technological Development. The Battle over Intellectual Property

Olena O. Hladyuk

Today, innovation policy plays a key role in handling many global environmental problems. It affects the development and dissemination of technical decisions to respond to the complex challenges posed by climate change

Combating Illegal Product Package Copying in Ukraine

Oleg O. Dorofeev

The market of FMCG products is becoming so saturated that sometimes it is difficult for small and midsize producers to compete using fair competition principles. As an additional factor which makes small companies using any and all means of survival on the market (including unfair ones) is that global market players (such as world-known producers of products) can afford to invest much more in advertising and general product distribution than small or mid-size companies

Peculiarities of National Cybersquatting

Nataliya V. Misnik

Intellectual property is a rapidly changing area of the law which deals with the formulation, usage and commercial exploitation of original creative works. The majority of issues that arise within this area revolve around the boundary lines of intangible property rights and which of those rights are afforded legal protection

Hot Issue

Geographical Indications: Perspectives for Ukrainian Businesses in the Light of the EU Ukraine FTA

Tetiana O. Kheruvimova, Iryna S. Polovets

Until recently geographical indications have been an unattractive area for research in Ukraine. However, in the least few years the situation has changed drastically as geographical indications (hereinafter GIs) appeared to be a very sensitive and important issue in the course of EUUkraine FTA negotiations

How To

The Fight Against Counterfeiting in Ukraine

Karl Hepp de Sevelinges, Yelena A. Stasyk

It is no secret that all of us wish to possess something fashionable, something that will display particular status or underline exceptional feature of appearance or character. In this race for something very often people are caught by manufacturers of counterfeit goods who offer the same things for a cheaper price


Technoparks, will They Survive?

Olena O. Vardamatska

It is a well-known maxim that only new technologies (hitech products) will pave the way to a rich and prosperous Ukraine, meaning both the state and citizens. But the opposite is presently true. Technoparks were brave and bold enough to appear, successful enough to exist and now they are showing enormous persistence to continue existing, although it is more than difficult


More than an Anniversary!

Alena A. Chernyavskaya, Nataliya V. Koloskova

The first issue of the Yuridicheskaya Practika Weekly was published 16 years ago in 1995. Since then the tradition to celebrate the Yuridicheskaya Practikas birthday is preserved year on year. This year turned out to be no exception and practicing lawyers again celebrated one of their professional holidays on 15-17 March. Each year the organizer of the celebration, the Yuridicheskaya Practika Publishing, arranges events of a different kind which fluctuates from practical seminars and round tables to a bowling tournament among lawyers


IQ Club: Developing Ukrainian Networking

In terms of the great variety of networking events in the Ukrainian capital, their arrangement became not only the new fashionable trend or lifetime occupation but an art to create a unique atmosphere and positive feedback for bringing together business people

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